Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Berlin Institute for Islamic Theology

Fatma Akan Ayyıldız M.A.

Research Fellow




Research interests

  • Systematic theology (kalām)
  • Islamic philosophy (falsafa)
  • Discussions on the infallibility (isma) of religious-political leaders in Islam, Sunni and Shiite approaches
  • Heresy in the early Islamic period
  • Atheism and deism in modernity
  • Cosmology and theology
  • Dogmatic systematic-theological problems of Islamic jurisprudence
  • Ethics


Brief bio

After graduating high school (Abitur) in Berlin, Fatma Akan Ayyıldız completed her bachelor's degree in Islamic theology at Marmara University in Istanbul, followed by a master's in systematic theology. She has been a doctoral student since 2017. Since September 2020, she has worked as a research associate to the Professor of Historical and Contemporary Islamic Law at the Berlin Institute for Islamic Theology of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin within the project "Ways to an Ethics".