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Reconstruction of the dynamics of emergence of the Quran through network modelling of early Islamic transmissions / Database of early Islamic transmissions for the reconstruction of emergence contexts and inner dynamics of Quran

The goal of the project is the analysis and classification of early exegetical transmissions along their cultural, religious, and linguistic parameters as well as historical and geographical contexts. By organizing them systematically in the form of a database and network analysis, chains of transmission and original core messages of the Quran are aimed to be reconstructed.

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Short Term Research Team „Ways towards an Ethics”

New Approaches from Theology and Jurisprudence between modern challenges and Islamic Law

Based on the premise of the civil society’s and academics’ need for the utilization and critical engagement with the ethical heritage of Islam, this projects aims to explore various theories of ethics from the science of Islamic law and systematic theology and investigate their value for current applied ethics issues by examples from the field of sexual ethics. Furthermore, an online compendium of the central items of Islamic ethics will be published.

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From Object of Conflict to Subject of Conflict

Societal Discourses around Islam from a Theological and Socioethical Perspective

This project aims to explore the confrontational political and media-related discourses about Islam in Switzerland. Based in a theological and socioethical Perspective, conflicts around Islam are examined by the example of imams and contrasted by their self-perception. Furthermore, Christian and Muslim contemporary literature is searched for paradigms of conflict interpretation, with a focus on central concepts like reconciliation, liberation or pluralism. All findings of each study field are then to be discussed in relation to one another.

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