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International Conference: Canon and Censorship

The project „Canon and Censorship in the Islamic Intellectual and Theological History” presents their findings at an international conference from October 8th-10th, that will be streamed live on Youtube.

The project focuses on processes of canonization and censorship in the Islamic Theology. The aim is to understand how texts, ideas and authorities gain, loose or maintain their authoritative status as well as the validity over time. Besides the intellectual resons, the contributors will also highlight the social, structural, and institional factors that establish, cultivate or suppress a set of ‘canonical’ and ‘authoritative’ knowledge.

The conference will inlude twenty-six case studies that address processes of cananization and censorship in different fields of Islamic knowledge.

Information and Registration

For further information and to register for the conferenct please write an email till 30.09.2021 to:

Number of participants is limited.