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International Conference "Encounters in Islamic Theology: Texts and Practices" (10-13 October 2023)

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The hybrid conference Encounters in Islamic Theology: Texts and Practices brings together Muslim theologians and scholars of Islam. It focuses on interdisciplinary and synthetic methods that combine textual approaches to the study of Islam and approaches that examine lived religion, whether contemporary or historical.

With regard to the study of text – whether understood as the Qurʾan and hadith, or as the intellectual and hermeneutical traditions produced by Muslims at different times and in different geographies –, these methodologies show that texts are not static entities transmitting unchanging ideas over time and place, but are part of dynamic exchanges that constitute, and are constituted by, socio-cultural interactions.

Besides, practices can tell us more about understandings of religion and the means through which Islam remains relevant to Muslim communities and individuals. Practices are not antithetic to texts: rituals, for example, can be prescribed, inspired or denounced by texts; texts, on the other hand, undergo transformations through various textual practices, but also through their presence in the daily lives of Muslims.

At the same time, new trends in researching Islam focus on the mechanisms of authority behind knowledge production. Consequently, new research currents should take into account the interdependency between premodern and modern theological discourses, texts, and practices, in order to trace meaning making impulses within Islam, as well as observing what these actually do for Muslims past and present.


Mohammad Gharaibeh, Beate Anam, and Aydın Süer



Wael Abbas – Jasser Abou Archid – Dr Eyad Abuali – Prof Dr Anna Ayşe Akasoy – Dr Rasool Akbari – Dr Ayşe Almıla Akca – Bahattin Akyol – Prof Dr Rana Alsoufi – Fatma Akan Ayyıldız – Carla Amina Baghajati – Dr Sohaib Baig – Prof Dr Amir Dziri – Dr Amin Ehteshámi – Nadine El-Hussein – Prof Dr Tuba Işık – Elif Emirahmetoğlu – Prof Dr Ash Geissinger – Prof Dr Mohammad Gharaibeh – David Gyllenhaal – Dr Sonam Kachru – Prof Dr Naciye Kamçılı-Yıldız – Prof Dr Dženita Karić – Prof Dr Serdar Kurnaz – Dr Tuğrul Kurt – Prof Dr Christian Mauder – Prof Dr Johannes Merkel – Jane Mikkelson – Dr Faiza Muhammad Din – Prof Dr Idris Nassery – Dr Farrah Nazh Sheikh – Dr Claudia Seise – Yahya Nurgat – Dr Sara Omar – Intan Qurratulaini – Dr Kumail Rajani – Prof Dr Sajjad Rizvi – Prof Dr Abdulaziz Sachedina – Dr Hale Eroğlu Sağer – Prof Dr Nimet Şeker – Dr Mariam Sheibani – Prof Dr Mira Sievers – Dr Mohamad Sobirin – Leonie Stenske – Dr. Aydın Süer – Mutmainna Syam – Dr Fatemeh Taheri – Dr Richard Todd – Prof Dr Ufuk Topkara – Prof Dr Fahimah Ulfat – Dr Dror Weil – Dr Halime Nur Yaşar – Dr Shlomo Zuckier

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