Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Berlin Institute for Islamic Theology

Bahattin Akyol M.A.

Research Fellow




Research interests

  • Islamic law
  • Legal theory (uṣūl al-fiqh) and fatwa methodology (uṣūl al-fatwā)
  • Islamic finance
  • Islamic minority jurisprudence (fiqh al-aqalliyyāt)
  • Systematic theology (kalām)
  • Islamic ethics

Curriculum Vitae

since 08/2020
Research associate to the Professor for Islamic Philosophy and Foundations of Faith at the Berlin Institute of Islamic Theology

Reviewer and consultant (murāqib) in the supervisory department and commission (Sharia Compliance and Board) at the headquarters of the Islamic bank Vakıf Katılım in Istanbul, teaching Islamic business law in employee training courses

Master’s in Islamic Law at Marmara University in Istanbul
Master’s thesis: “Fatwa Methodology of the Maliki School of Law by the Example of Al-Ġalāwī’s (?-1828) Poetic Work Butlaihiyya”

09/2017 Participated in seminars at the Fatih Sahn-ı Seman Madrasa Education and Research Centre and the Classical School of Thought (KDO)

Participated in a course in critical edition scholarship (taḥqīq) organised in cooperation between the Center for Islamic Studies and Ibn Haldun University

Completed the summer program “Research and Education Promotion” (YADEP) as part of the program for the continuing education of scholars (AYP), organised by the Centre for Islamic Studies (ISAM)

Completed the program for academic continuing education (AYP) organised by the Centre for Islamic Studies (ISAM)

Completed additional qualification as a school teacher (teacher’s permit) at the Faculty of Education at Marmara University with five months of practical experience at Intaş, an Islamic high school in Kadıköy, Istanbul

Bachelor’s degree in International Islamic Theology at Marmara University in Istanbul
Bachelor’s thesis: “Theories on the Development of an Islamic Minority Law (fiqh al-aqalliyāt)”

01/2015 – 05/2015
Study exchange at the Sharia Faculty of the University of Jordan in Amman, Arabic language classes at the Ewan Language Institute in Amman

Language immersion at the Islamic Culture Center (ICC) language school in Kuwait


Workshop in preparation for the second edition of the Islamic Encyclopaedia (TDV İslam Ansiklopedisi) organised by the Centre for Islamic Studies

Co-initiator of the workshop “Islamic Theology Curricular Reform at Turkish Faculties as part of the summer program “Research and Education Promotion” (YADEP), organised by the Centre for Islamic Studies (ISAM)

Collaborated on the Vakıf Katılım Online Dictionary of Islamic Business Law


“Imam Nawawî: Teacher of Prophetic Virtues”, Muslim Role Models in islamiq- News and Debate Magazine on 19 Aug 2017,

Fatwa Methodology According to the Hanifi School of Law by the Example of Ibn ‘Ābidīn’s (1784-1836) ‘Uqūd rasm al-muftī (work in progress)